Business Marketing Coach

Our philosophy at McCarty Business Management Xtreme is to always help those in business whether they are a customer or not.  We are passionate and work hard to make sure your business finds ways to save money and find new customers.

Backyard Marketing refers to going out into the community to meet your neighbors and to learn how visible you are by location, internet, and all other areas of marketing & advertising.  Marketing can be hard or it can be fun.  So many businesses cut their budgets or do not invest into sales, advertising, and marketing.  Businesses should NEVER STOP MARKETING and they should find ways to make it fun.  We have put together 21 marketing tips that will show you how to find new customers and ways to have fun with it.

Our Promise and Guarantee:

  • We will work with you for 2-3 weeks and continue to follow up on your progress
  • We will do our best to help you find new customers and stay in touch with your existing customers
  • We will keep you updated on any new types of marketing that is cost effective
  • We will always be available for your questions or concerns
  • We will make sure you get your monies worth

Our goal in teaming up with your business is to increase your customers by making changes to the interior and/or exterior of your establishment at a low cost if needed, promote to the surrounding residents and/or businesses, and by working hard to establish visibility through hand to hand meeting, social medias, internet, online resources, and community.  We will create a plan to follow to help build relationships with your new customers.  We will also show you how to research and learn about the community of people and businesses in your backyard.  We will focus on the personal side of who owns a business and who is employed by the businesses.

To get started today check out our Backyard Marketing Program page for more information.