Who We Are

Mission Statement:

McCarty Business Management Xtreme is a business hub that provides guidance, information, and education to small businesses through our knowledge, experience, and resources. Our goal is to always be patient and guide our customers through this crazy marketing ecosystem. Once it’s done correctly it’s done and the next step is to focus on marketing your brand online.

“Dreams are People’s Passion. My Passion is People’s Dreams.”

Michael McCarty ~ Owner of McCarty BMX

About The Company:

McCarty Business Management Xtreme (BMX) is in the business of helping businesses. We strive to provide honest and trustworthy service to everyone. We also work with companies that provide the same quality of service to our clients. McCarty BMX will provide a variety of business solutions such as small business consulting, social media marketing coaching, social media, mobile & location-based marketing.

McCarty BMX Logo

Origins of the Name & Logo:

One of my close friends is an incredible web designer and I was asking him about a domain name for us. At this time our company was McCarty Management, much shorter I know. He told me to come up with a domain name with a back story. His domain is Greenkoi.com. Mark’s culture is Japanese and each year on a child’s birthday they get a Koi fish flag to fly on a pole. Each Koi on the pole gives the age of the child. I learned something that day about the Japanese culture just by hearing his back story. Well I spent the weekend brain storming about my passions and what domain should I use. By Sunday evening I was cursing Mark because I was killing my mind with what domain can I come up with that will have my last name in it. It wasn’t until I laid down and relaxed I started thinking about my favorite sport to watch and my passion for BMX vert. That was when it hit me, www.McCartyBMX.com. As I turned to my wonderful wife I told her that the domain is going to be McCartyBMX.com. Without missing a beat my wife said McCarty Business Management Xtreme.

Once we came up with the name that is when I knew that my business would become a reality. My passion for business is pretty xtreme sometimes, and I love xtreme sports. We even named our son Van after Vans shoes. Even our logo ties into the story, and yes leave it to my wife to somehow understand my crazy mind to nail it.

About The Owner:

Michael McCarty ~ I spent 10 years in banking working closely with small business owners with their business account and loan needs. I ventured from banking to working for a small business as a manager and promoter for a bar/restaurant. From there, after learning operations and spending so many years in business banking, I found my passion for business and helping business owners. I moved from Houston to Los Angeles working back in banking, but also partnering up with a friend to start a business helping entrepreneurs to set up their corporations and build their corporate credit. I made the transition from L.A. back to Houston and most recently worked with a large online restaurant marketing company helping restaurant owners increase both their customer base and revenue. I have also had twelve years of experience promoting bars/clubs in the Houston and Los Angeles area. This experience taught me how to promote to individuals which has helped me in promoting all types of businesses. With all my years of business development and marketing experience I made the choice to go full time with my wife at my side and focus on helping one business at a time to succeed.

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